Friday, July 22, 2011

My Alma Mater (A Reflection on the Vision Mission of PNU)

Philippine Normal University. My alma mater.

How can I forget this university. As you can see, this university is kinda old. Well, let's just say, it had been built for over a hundred years now (109 years to be exact)... since 1901. Yes, even older than UP. And let me just add that this old building had been a home (for 4 years) for countless of wonderful teachers and the best educators in the Philippines. And I couldn't believe that I have been part of this institution in my four years in College.

Let me just share to you how I became a PNUan..

Actually, after I graduated in high school, me and most of my friends came across a problem that most of the high school graduates had to endured. The course to take... the College to go to and all that stuff... and since, my father didn't want me to study in Manila or even Indang.. I opted to study in Cavite College of Arts and Trades (recently known as Cavite State University-Rosario) and there, I took up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education. Actually, I wanted to take up HRM but during that time, I just go with the flow. I also chose the course of my friend (but she turned out not to study in that college and we ended up studying in different colleges altogether) But the sad part was, I did not continue my course. I stop after I finished one semester and I became a professional “bum” for 2 years.

And then one day, my cousin Joanne asked me if I want to take an entrance exam at PNU. She handed me the brochure and I saw that they offer the course that I like, which is Psychology, I asked the permission of my father and he eventually agreed. I took up the entrance exam and luckily, I passed the exam and the interview and the medical exams etc.... etc... and I must say that the rest is history.

Actually, in my first year at PNU, we didn't have the course yet. We need to take the entrance exam of every Department for us to have our course. Actually, my first choice is Psychology, my second is BSE History and my third choice is BEED. Luckily, I passed my first choice! (go psych!) Being a part of the Psychology family was a great experienced! I am proud to be a PNU PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR!

I must say that PNU mold me into this whole person that I never imagine that I can be... from a quiet shy girl... it changed my whole personality for the better. I eventually come out of my shell and out of the cocoon... to spread my wings and fly!


... I don't need to be just a follower, I am now a leader.

... I don't need to just go with the flow, I choose what my heart tells me.

... I learned not to be subjective, I learned to look at things objectively.

... I learned not to hinder myself from the things that I want to do.

... I learned to express myself through my words and my writings.

... I learned not to be afraid, but brave enough to speak my mind especially when I know that I'm on the right track.

Yes, I became a teacher. And I was so lucky that I did. I couldn't thank myself more and all the people, situation and circumstances that led me in the school setting and where exactly I am now. I just realized that this is where I belong. Maybe, I was born to be a teacher.

And now that I came back again, I came to realized that education really is a continuing process. You need to exercise your mind and work your brain cells to be productive and to share more of what you have to your students. So, as the vision and mission of the university wants to impart us, I hope all of us, PNUans, finally understood by heart, what it means.. to be a real PNUan.


  1. Hi Vic! Bago na namn? hehehe! dami dami na blog ah!

  2. @ anney - di ko na kasi matandaan password nung ginawa ko dating blog. hehe. :)